25 October 2008

Where in Taiwan is it made?

If you've been drinking Taiwanese oolong long enough, you've probably wondered where the tea comes from. Alishan, Shanlinxi, Pinglin...where are these places?

In consultation with Shiuwen at Floating Leaves Tea, I took a freely-available NASA satellite map of Taiwan and added in the major tea-growing regions in Taiwan. The map below is our approximation of the major tea-growing regions.

Click on the image for a larger version that is easier to read

There are several different teas that I did not include on the map because they may be produced in several different areas. Jinxuan/Jinshuan, for example, is made in several areas including Pinglin, Nantou and Alishan. Some other teas that I did not put on the map for the same reason I just mentioned include Four Seasons tea (Si Ji Chun) and Cui Yu (also known as Jade Oolong).

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