09 January 2009

My first encounter with real Osmanthus

It smells sweet and so wonderfully fragrant that for a second, I wonder if someone sprayed perfume on the plant.

Osmanthus, otherwise known as Gui Hua, is used for scenting a variety of food and cosmetic products.  It is also used as the fragrance for Gui Hua Oolong, adding its distinctively wonderful perfume.

I saw it up close for the first time when a farmer friend picked me some from his plantings.                 

                        guihua or osmanthus bush

I went to a well-known teahouse in Taipei yesterday called Wang De Chuan and tried their Oolong cake.  It's made with high mountain tea "cream" that is mixed with a light ice cream, accompanied by twigs of light and dark chocolate with real gold flakes sprinkled on top.  A light Osmanthus honey with the flowers from the plant decorates the plate.  Their house-made Osmanthus honey is probably the tastiest one I've ever had.

                              pricey cakes


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