25 December 2009

What a Merry Christmas Present!

A good friend of mine received a brick of pu’er about 15+ years ago from her tea-retailer friend in Taiwan.  She first told me about it 2 years ago, but couldn’t find it for me to try.  Turns out the tea was hiding in a cabinet she uses for books.

tea brick 1         tea brick 2

It is the 七三磚餅, “7 3 Brick” from the 1970s.  I don’t know much about pu’er, so I looked it up in Chan Kam Pong’s intro to pu’er book and only found this tea in cake form. 

The book is a useful guide for identification of teas, but there’s not much additional info about it.  I contacted pu’er expert Daniel of Arts de Chine in Vancouver.  He said that this brick was popular and well-known back in the day, but as to taste and quality of this particular brick, well, he would have to try it before being able to comment.  After trying a bit of his blue label cake last last fall, I’m happy to oblige!


A tea friend gave me the catalog for a Beijing pu’er auction that was held a few days ago.  The one on the bottom is the 7 3 brick – 4 bricks valued at 24,000 – 32,000 RMB. 

What a present! 

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