12 December 2008

Does the color of your porcelain tea cup matter?

Porcelain tea cups come in a variety of colors and glazes. Some are bright shades of the primary colors, some are subdued earth tones. Others have patterns and texture as well.

I personally like a thin celadon pottery that is light green in color. I like delicate cups that have wide lips, helping the tea to cool before I sip it. 

      celadon cups

When at a tasting, though, it's nice to have a cup with a white interior. This allows for better viewing of the tea's color. A quality, fresh and lightly-oxidized oolong tea shouldn't be muddy looking, and a fresh Longjing should be a soft green. Color is just one measure of a particular tea's quality, but it can tell you something about the tea before it even touches your mouth.

Drink good tea and enrich your life.

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