17 December 2008

Mid-Season's Greetings

...and Happy Holidays!

What better way to symbolize the wonder of the season than with this tea wreath. 

After a particularly long session of sampling various good oolongs, I was left with a giant pile of leaves to play with.  I thought it'd be fitting to create a nice holiday wreath with it, which is punctuated by the mellow green leaves of infused green tea.

                         tea wreath - edited

Take care of yourselves and stay warm this winter.


  1. Hi Rich. Great Blog. Happy holidays to you too!

  2. Thanks Alice, it's from a variety of Lishan, a little bit of roasted Dong Ding and maybe a pot of puerh too! BTW, I just got a bunch of samples from tea friends. If you and Jason stop by this week, you're welcome to try them - just tell Shiuwen.

    Thanks Brett! Say hi to Cora and Shu Shu for me. Stay warm.