30 October 2008

There's a lot of good tea out there

My duty as the one of the tea-buying guys this coming season is simple: find the teas that best represent the exceptional flavor profile that customers have come to anticipate.

I love a great tea that represents a solid value, and I want people to recognize that immense effort and care went into the production and selection of the products that they drink. To this end, I am singularly dedicated to the wonderful tea experience that tea friends - old and new - will receive.
I try many tea samples that are brought in from all over the world. I also travel a lot and make it a point to try new brews. With all of the good tea out there, I'm happy to see that the market for premium teas is expanding in America. I'm also very excited when I meet teahouse owners that are passionate about their teas, such as the owners of Red Blossom Tea in San Francisco. Hou De teas in Houston is another fantastic retailer. They've got some solid teas and a wealth of information on their blog.
I'll mainly be looking for well-crafted Tieguanyin and Dong Ding teas, and traveling to Shanlinxi to look for a good example of that tea as well. It's going to be quite an adventure!
I support the mission of honest tea retailers that are passionate about a great brew. Look for my tasting notes for the products that I'll be buying, as well as live trip notes.

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