04 December 2008

Finally understanding one of my first tea teacher's words

He speaks melodically, with a cadence that reminds me of a poet reciting a favorite verse. An accomplished man of the arts, Tano Maeda was one of my first tea teachers.

Tano is a Buddhist filmmaker and the director of the International Buddhist Film Festival. Last I heard, he was also the director of the Tea Arts Institute in the SF Bay Area. I met him through Winnie (of Teance in Berkeley) and he taught me about Green teas, corrected my brewing method, and tried to instill in me a sense of peace and calm in my pace - something that I'm still working on.

When I think of him, I usually recall how he had - on a few occasions - casually mentioned to me that he traded in some luxuries and a closet full of Armani suits to do something that he is passionate about. I was too green at the time to understand and wrote off his statements as either indirect boasting or just the same old story I've heard from him before.

But I think I get it now. I've been trading in some of my material items and replacing them with the beautiful experiences in life.

green lake 1

                         So far, so good.

Drink good tea and enrich your life.

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