19 January 2009

Good company

I had a great time chatting with Stéphane of the Tea Masters blog over several pots of tea in Taipei. I told him a bit about my travels in the mountains and my tea roasting adventures - more details to follow in later posts - and he shared many delicious pots of tea with me as he told me some stories about his 12.5 year "tea journey" in Taiwan.

                           stephane and me

It's nice to meet up with fellow tea lovers. He's got some really good stuff too, including a wonderful green puerh that will be fantastic and some special old teas that are quite difficult to get your hands on.  You can check out his stuff on his blog, which is on my blogroll to the left.


  1. Hi Rich,

    Looks like you're having a great time in Taiwan! I don't know if Shiuwen has mentioned it to you or not, but I went to Floating Leaves looking for a decent cha chuan (tea boat) because the cheap "zisha" one I have leaks straight through the clay. She didn't have anything but she mentioned you might be able to find something while in Taiwan. If it's not a huge trouble and you wouldn't mind, I'm just looking for something simple--white porcelain or something not too ornately adorned, large enough for your average 100-200 ml yixing pot.

    Thanks a million, and enjoy the rest of your journey!


  2. Elliot, I tried to contact you via your "oh well" blog yesterday but you may not have gotten it. I am leaving Taiwan today so I won't be able to pick up the Cha Chuan for you. Sorry!