27 August 2009

Can't Fight My Sweet Tooth


If it tastes sweet, especially if it's naturally sweetened, I'll probably want a sip or two.

A reader commented recently that she loves black tea with milk and sugar.  You know what, it does indeed taste good with milk and sugar.  It can also taste really good on its own, with honey, or mixed with juice.

I had some Louisiana-style southern food last week and was offered an all-you-can-drink glass of sweet tea for $1.50. 

"We make it with the best tea bags you can buy!" the lady behind the counter joked.  Yes, probably the best tea bag you can buy from the grocery store, but with all of the high fructose corn syrup that's mixed in, I don't care what kind of tea it is, or if there's any tea left in it at all.  Sugar is MSG for beverages.

"You look kinda drunk, son," said the owner as he rolled up next to me in his truck.  I was staggering out of the joint after my meal, red in the face (from eating too much hot sauce) and hollering loudly with my friend after finishing off some fried gator. 

Yup, I was sugar high.  Nearly as good as a tea high, but not quite.

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  1. Sugar high! Ha! That's what I'd get because I get practically no added sugar in my diet and haven't for months and months. I like naturally sweet tea too, but that's if it's a Dan Cong-type of experience with fruity flavors. And even then I can pass on the sweet teas and go for Pu-erh that's more earthy than that. --Spirituality of Tea