04 November 2008

POLICY - Usage of my material

I consider myself to be pretty generous.  All of the tea knowledge that I have and continue to accumulate I intend to disseminate for the benefit of tea lovers everywhere.

With that said, much of my material and learning, especially my pictures, are quite dear to me.  I have no problem with sharing my intellectual/literary/photographic property, but please adhere to the moral and ethical code when using my materials. 

Please first send me an email or a comment to let me know what, where, and for what purpose you will use my material, and then please cite the source in your work.  I will respond to you shortly with approval.  In general, I will have no problem with you using my materials, but there are cases, such as commercializing my work or using it in obscene ways, that I would like to have clarification and give approval for.  I'm not asking for money, fame or your soul, just a heads-up and recognition.




  1. Hello Rich,
    I saw a brief mention of how to refresh stale tea in one of your posts. I was wondering if you have explainedthis in more detail in others?

  2. Hey Krystyne,

    Yup! I have talked about spot roasting, roasting, and the mechanism of roasting in several different posts. You can find the info you're curious about by going to the bottom of my blog and using the search function for "spot roasting" - it will turn up several posts over the last few years. Let me know if you're looking for something specific and can't find it.