21 November 2008

Revealing the whereabouts of the Magic Well


Naturally-filtered artesian water.  Rain and moisture that permeates many layers of sand, rock and gravel - nature's Brita filter - picking up minerals along the way.  The taste is crisp and sweet.  Nature's filtration system adds pleasant flavors, unlike a commercial water filter that is meant to remove tastes from water. 

Did I mention that it's free?

Go to Lynnwood and follow 164th St SW West of the I-5.  Go down the hill and look to your right for a gravel parking lot with a small, covered structure.  That is the well.

The water is monitored and tested by the Alderwood Water District.  You can find out more information about it here:

Try some blind taste tests of the same tea brewed with different waters to see if you can detect a difference.  The easiest way to be consistent is to take several bowls, each with a specified amount of tea leaves, and then add the same amount of hot water to each bowl.  In several experiments, tea friends picked bottled spring waters and this well water-brewed teas over tap or Brita water-brewed teas.

There isn't a lot of information about this site anywhere; it's one of those things that people-in-the-know just know about and keep to themselves and their friends.  Although a bit reluctant to share this source and add to the already long lines, I think it's more important that I contribute to the pool of tea knowledge by revealing what I know that may help you to produce a better cup of tea.  That is, after-all, in keeping with the spirit of my writings.

Experiment with your equipment, your water, leaf amounts, brewing times/conditions....  It's through exploration that we can continue to add meaningful discoveries to the body of tea knowledge.

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